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Experience Pure Roll.

Spoiler OG's patented Lead Edge Roll Technology gets the ball rolling faster and straighter. Unlike traditional putters, Spoiler OG reduces skid and backspin, giving you pinpoint accuracy and improved distance control. This means your putts start rolling sooner and stay on target longer.
Let's Roll!

- Conforming for Tournament & Competitive Play
- Right Hand Only (for now)
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Spoiler's Edge Over the Competition

Our Lead Edge Roll technology imparts Pure, Forward Roll at impact


Forward Roll RPM

More forward roll improves start-line accuracy and distance control.


Forward Roll to Sidespin

Higher forward roll overtakes sidespin, keeping your golf ball on track to the hole.


Face Twist

Negligible degree of putter head twist through impact on off-center hits, starting your golf ball on your intended line.

*Data provided by Quintic Ball Roll

Product Description

The most innovative putter to hit the market. The Spoiler OG mallet creates more forward roll (topspin) on the golf ball versus traditional "flat face" putters, while reducing backspin and sidespin. Improving both distance control and start-line accuracy. Spoiler OG is designed with slight toe hang, sports a double bend steel shaft, and is equipped with a midsize pistol grip.


Hand Type
Toe Hang
Head Weight
34" / 35"

Leading Edge, Radial Face

Through years of R&D, Spoiler Golf fine-tuned and created industry-shifting technology. Designing a smaller “Leading Edge” face, resulting in superior putting performance. Greater forward roll. Less sidespin.

Deep Linear Groove Pattern

Deep full face linear grooves are designed to minimize friction and contact with the ball, while delivering solid feel and sound. The Leading Edge face imparts earlier forward roll on the golf ball while creating a sleek, seductive look.

Close up of linear groove pattern on the Spoiler OG Putter
Close up of unique performance design on the Spoiler OG Putter

Designed to Perform

Aside from aesthetics, the design of the head is all about performance. Between the combination of the Leading Edge face and the higher rear fin, the Center of Gravity was moved up and back on the putter – inducing more forward roll and a squarer face at impact.

Dual Material Construction

The Spoiler OG incorporates complementary materials to improve both performance and design. The putter head is cast in 303 Stainless Steel, allowing for consistent weight distribution, pure feel, and solid rolls. The head is then combined with a masterfully crafted 12g Aluminum plate in the sole to balance weight in the face.

close up of material and logo on the Spoiler OG Putter
Putting wedge on the green next to golf ball

Started With a Wedge, Now We're Here.

For years we've been putting with a wedge, bellying the ball. There was no doubt, the ball rolled better and straighter off the leading edge than a traditional putter. We started messing around with different ideas. What started out as an experiment, transformed into Spoiler Golf.

Your True Putter Partner

We aren't just a golf company, we are truly stewards of greatness on the greens, aspiring to help players experience pure roll. If you don't feel like you are creating the purest roll on the golf ball with The Spoiler, we encourage you to send in a slow motion video (DM via Instagram - @spoilergolf), we will analyze it, and send back tips to help improve your putting stroke.

Take a slow motion video of you putting.

Send the video via Instagram @SpoilerGolf.

Receive tips on how to improve your putting game.

Putter FAQ

Our Lead Edge Roll face design not only looks different, but performs better than traditional “flat face” putters. The Lead Edge Roll face imparts more forward roll on the golf ball, thereby starting and keeping your ball on your intended line longer. Also, because of the increased forward roll (vs sidespin, backspin, or skidding), The Spoiler excels at enhancing distance control.

Yes, Spoiler is perfect for all skill levels. For an elite golfer, Spoiler OG enhances the players focus on putting a pure roll on the ball, thereby providing the player with better accuracy and distance control. For the average player, Spoiler’s design helps players learn to putt with a better stroke. Due to the Lead Edge Roll face design, when a golfer plays a poor stroke on the ball, Spoiler provides immediate feedback by hopping or skipping the ball. From that feedback you can adjust your stroke as necessary, and experience pure roll on the greens.

Spoiler OG creates a purer, forward roll on the golf ball. Most traditional putters either launch the ball in the air or drive it into the turf creating hopping and skipping to start the putt. However, Spoiler's design with Lead Edge Roll face technology and 0 degrees of loft, gets the ball rolling sooner. You can actually feel, see, and hear the difference when you putt with The Spoiler.

When you roll the ball poorly, a traditional “flat face” putter doesn’t give you much feedback. Spoiler OG, however, provides immediate feedback on all your putts. You can feel and see when you’ve put a pure roll on the golf ball, and when you have not.

When you do not roll the golf ball as well as you think you should have (usually due to impact location on the golf ball, or angle of attack) The Spoiler will make the ball jump a bit as the putt starts. If you notice the ball popping in the air, the main variables to adjust are:

  • You are hitting to steeply down on the golf ball.
  • You could either have the ball too far back in your stance, or your putting stroke is too steep into the ball.
  • We recommend playing the ball forward in your stance, near your lead heal. This will help improve proper impact, and help you roll the ball just as you start the upward motion of your putting stroke.
  • You are hitting too high up on the ball, impacting the ball above the equator. You will squeeze the ball into the turf, thus making it pop up a bit.
  • You could have the ball too far forward in your stance, or are hitting too much up on the ball.
  • You should focus on hitting through the golf ball, versus up on the ball.

Yes, please see our patents page for current patents

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews

    Quality putter, works as advertised. I found by moving the ball forward in my stance with my old putter had a similar outcome so I don't use this much


    It’s going ok still getting used to it down side was cost of freight

    Thanks, and glad you are enjoying your Spoiler OG. Yes, shipping items to Australia is very expensive - apologies, we wish there was more to do. We are working with UPS to try to secure lower rates, but we are keeping the costs as low as we can, while still serving international golfers.
    Please let us know if you need anything from us!
    Let's Roll.

    JIMMY P.
    Handicap: 6-10

    I love the putter. I have played 6 rounds with it and still having problems with the ball bouncing down the green. I am working to try to get it to stop bouncing. I know its me not the putter. When you use it right it is very nice putter. Thanks

    Hey Jimmy, thanks for your review and glad you are loving your Spoiler OG. We are happy to help with some of that bouncing you are experiencing - send a video to @spoilergolf on instagram or to help@spoilergolf.com and we will happily anayze your stroke and give you tips to optimize pure roll.
    Thanks for your support and Let's Roll!

    Handicap: 20+
    Game-Changing Putter Especially for Long Putts

    My son and I are absolutely thrilled with the OG Putter. Our long putts have become much more precise and effective. We've even been able to skip a chip or two thanks to this club. The handling is excellent, and the results speak for themselves.

    Best regards from Germany.

    Hey Miro, thanks for the kind words, and note. We are thrilled you and your son are loving it! Keep us updated, and keep it rolling it pure!

    Hsi H.L.
    Handicap: 20+
    impressive putter

    Very stable within 5M distance
    Soft feet
    quite good MOI

    Hey Hsi, glad you love your Spoiler OG nad thank you for your support. Keep rolling it pure and have fun on the greens! Let us know if you ever need anything.

    Let's Roll!

    A Noticeably
    Better Roll

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    close-up product photo of the Spoiler Putter