Spoiler OG up close next to golf ball

Roll your ball. Sooner.

Meet Spoiler OG

It's like putting with a wedge, but in putter form

Lead Edge Roll Technology

Creating the purest forward roll in golf

Ideal Alignment

Bold alignment aids to ensure you're aimed and ready to roll

Stainless Steel 303

Optimal weight distribution and balance, resulting in consistently solid strikes and pure feel

Spoiler's Edge Over the Competition

Our Lead Edge Roll technology imparts pure, forward roll at impact


Forward Roll RPM

More forward roll improves start-line accuracy and distance control.


Forward Roll to Sidespin

Higher forward roll overtakes sidespin, keeping your golf ball on track to the hole.


Face Twist

Negligible degree of putter head twist through impact on off-center hits, starting your golf ball on your intended line.

*Data below provided via Quintic Ball Roll

Engineered for Pure Roll

More Forward Roll

Spoiler OG's Lead Edge Roll design imparts earlier forward roll (topspin, overspin) on your golf ball. Resulting in less skid and a more predictable roll. Finally, a putter that gives you a real advantage.

Spoiler OG Putter on green

Purer Contact

Spoiler OG allows more freedom to think about ROLLING the ball, versus hitting it. By doing so, you become more aware of the simple process of imparting a good roll on the golf ball, versus overthinking your putting stroke.

Spoiler OG Putter on green heading toward hole

Promotes a Smoother Stroke

Spoiler OG's face design provides immediate feedback on each and every roll - helping you learn to become a better putter. Where conventional putters mask your mistakes, Spoiler OG helps identify them so you can, literally, become a better putter while putting.

Man on golf course using the Spoiler OG putter

Why has no one done this before?

- Loren Roberts, "Boss of the Moss", 26 Professional Tour Wins

Putting wedge on the green next to golf ball

Started With a Wedge, Now We're Here

For years we've been putting with a wedge, bellying the ball. There was no doubt, the ball rolled better and straighter off the leading edge than a traditional putter. We started messing around with different ideas. What started out as an experiment, transformed into Spoiler Golf.

A Noticeably
Better Roll

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