Spoiler OG Gets Stamp of Approval from Mr. ShortGame Golf!


Mr ShortGame Golf Spoiler OG YouTube Review



We were thrilled to see Mr. ShortGame Golf's (@MrShortGame) recent YouTube review of our Spoiler OG putter.


As many of you know, Mr. ShortGame Golf is a highly trusted voice in the golfing community, known for his insightful reviews and dedication to helping golfers of all levels improve their game.


In his review, Mr. ShortGame Golf was particularly impressed with the Spoiler OG's ability to deliver a pure roll on the golf ball. This is a testament to the putter's innovative design, which features a patented Lead Edge Roll face.


Here's a quick recap of what Mr. ShortGame Golf loved about Spoiler OG:


  • Innovative Idea: Makes sense, lots of people putt with a wedge.
  • Pure Roll: As highlighted in the review, the Spoiler OG's design promotes a pure roll, earlier off the face, leading to better distance control and accuracy on your putts.
  • Enhanced Feel: The putter's design provides a satisfying feel at impact, giving you valuable feedback on your stroke.
  • Conventional Mallet Look: The Spoiler OG boasts a "normal" mallet design that looks great behind the ball and instills confidence when you address your putt.


Ready to try Spoiler OG for yourself? Head over to our product page to check out what makes Spoiler OG so different, and so great. 


In the meantime, be sure to check out Mr. ShortGame Golf's full review for a more in-depth look at the Spoiler OG.


We're confident that you'll be impressed with the Spoiler OG's performance and join the growing community of golfers who are already enjoying its benefits.


Let's Roll!

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